Our Mission:

"Sharing the arts and our historic building with the community"

Our Building's History

When you walk into the Jacklin Center and see the splendor of the high ceilings, heavenly church windows and the solace of being in a space with such great history, we hope you’re just as glad as we are that you’re not standing in the parking lot that nearly took its place. Listed in the National Register of Historical Places, the Jacklin Center formerly known as “The Old Church” has been a constant beacon of history, hope and community in Post Falls.

The church’s story began in 1921, when Reverend Nathan Fiske encouraged the people of Post Falls to combine the congregations of the Presbyterian Church and the First Methodist Episcopal Church into one community assembly. The First Methodist Church was built in 1890 at the corner of Sixth Ave and Post St, and the Presbyterian Church was built in 1899 at the corner of Second Ave and Henry St.  Drawn by horses, the two buildings were brough together where the Jacklin Center Stands today, on the corner of Fourth Ave and William St.  The combined congregation then called themselves the Community Presbyterian Church. As the years passed, the Community Presbyterian Church grew and built a new building next to the old one to accommodate the growing number of church goers. The plans were to demolish the old church and build a parking lot in its place.

The demolition process was halted when the project manager John Rodkey deemed the church as structurally sound, and of historical significance. The building caught the attention of Susan Jacklin, who rallied for support to save the church.  In 1998, Susan formed Community Building Partners Inc.  The association then purchased the church and the land it sat on. It was then renamed “The Old Church”.  Following a long restoration process of nearly ten years and over a million dollars in donations, the Old Church finally reopened as the Jacklin Arts and Cultural Center (JACC) in May of 2005.

Today, the JACC is home to community arts programming and events for Post Falls and the surrounding areas. The Old Church still boasts of its glory days, with the grand Celebration Hall that seats 200, a cozy Fireside Room & Gallery that connects to the outdoor Garden Patio, the bliss of natural light in the Upstairs Art Gallery, a community kitchen and a rose colored Bridal Suite. We’re proud to showcase this piece of history with our community and we make an effort to share the story of the JACC whenever possible. In 2021 we celebrated the 100 year anniversary of the Old Church in its current location, and look forward to the many more years the JACC has to offer our community.

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