Featured Artist - July / August

Diane Rowen Garmire

Diane holds BA degrees in Art Education and Psychology.  She received her master degree in art education in 1980 and taught for 39 years in public schools.  Her childhood was spent on her father's potato farms in Twin Falls and Rupert, Idaho. It was there, in that weather-beaten high-desert landscape, that Diane cultivated a hunger for stories and adventure - exploring abandoned barnyards, the bones of old chicken coops, frog spawn ditch banks, and the ubiquitous rusted hulks of farming equipment

Diane's art examines the reactions between people and their social interactions. The pieces that are selected for this show use anthropomorphism to explore the psychological nuances of human nature and how we counter and encounter one another. These works are strongly influenced by multicultural mythology that reconstructs stories from the past to speak to the present.

Come see Diane's work in our Fireside Gallery through August.